Allouchsit Chapter

Allouchsit Chapter serves the Arrowmen of Allohak and Withlacoochee Districts. Allouchsit means “Mighty One”.

Chapter Chief
Tommy Driscoll
Chapter Advisers
Bob Royal
Chapter Vice Chief
Scotty Berandi Karlson
Associate Chapter Advisers
Clayton Hagel
Eric Perron

We will be holding chapter elections soon, look for emails concering the elections soon.

The positions up for election are

Chapter Chief

Vice Chief of Administration

Vice Chief of Inductions (Withlacoochee)

Vice Chief of Inductions (Allohak)



If you are interested in running for one of these positions and would like to know more about the duties of each position email the current chapter chief or adviser.

oa canoe

Allouchsit chapter members go fishing and kayaking following a new member orientation.