Seminole Makes Section Office

Friday night was a very eventful night for the lodge. The contingent ate dinner at Goodman’s BBQ, although they were told there was no relation to E. Urner Goodman. Once they arrived at the Lovely camp Wallwood in Quincy FL, the lodge chief, vice chief of administration attended the Section Council of Chiefs. During the council of chiefs they held the election for the Section Secretary. The Timuquan and Seminole lodge chiefs both nominated our Vice Chief of Administration, Thomas Driscoll for the position. Following his speech 6 out of the 8 lodges voted in his favor. Thomas will be co-serving as both the lodge VCA and the Section Secretary.

2016 Calendar Announced

The 2016 Calendar has been announced! Here are the dates and if the event will have Brotherhood Trail, Ordeal, or any special events.

January 8-10 — Winter Fellowship @ Camp Brorein
This event will have a Brotherhood Trail

February 20  — Day of Service @ Location TBA
This is a day of service to national/state parks, this event is open to all scouts and scouters

March 11-13 Spring Conclave @ Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation
This event will have both Brotherhood Trail and an Ordeal.  We have lodge officer elections at this event

April 8-10 — Section Conference @ Camp Elmore (South Florida Council)
This event is an inter-lodge event, no Ordeal or Brotherhood at this event.  Section Officers are elected during this event

April 23 — Lodge Banquet @ Busch Gardens
This is our annual recognition banquet, lodge officers will be inaugurated at this event

May 7 — Merit Badge Academy
The lodge makes and serves the lunches for merit Badge Academy participants

May 13-15 — Lodge Executive Council Retreat @ Location TBA
This event is only for the 45 members who serve on the LEC.

May 20-22 — Ibis Weekend @ Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation
This is our largest event of the year and is open to all units and arrowmen.  Before Lunch we set camp up for summer camp and after lunch it functions as a mini council camporee.  We will be having both Brotherhood Trail and an Ordeal during this event.  Friday night will host a call out ceremony for all candidates going thru Ordeal that weekend.

October 7-9 — Fall Fellowship @ Camp Brorein
This event has a Brotherhood Trail.  All Vigil and Founders Award nominations are due during this event.  Arrowmen do not have to be present to be nominated.

November 5 — University of Scouting/Merit Badge Academy
The lodge makes and serves lunches for the participants.

The LEC meets on the 3rd Thursday from January thru November
First United Methodist Church in Plant City

Netopalis Tachquiwi Chapter Ordeal is this weekend!!! (November 20 – 21, 2015)

Have you registered for our awesome 2k15 Chapter ordeal @ Camp Brorein – Boy Scouts of America?

Remember to register for chapter ordeal $20 for members, $47 for ordeal candidates and $0 for Elangomats.

We are looking for Elangomats to help make this ordeal unforgettable for our future brothers. If you or a fellow brother would like to be an Elangomat remember to still register for the event($20) and send an email to to let our amazing registration team know that you would like to be an Elangomat for chapter ordeal and they will gladly refund your money Friday night.

Member registration:
Candidate registration:

Yours in Service,
Daniel Holtzberg
Netopolis Tachquiwi Chapter Chief

Art Rounds Passes Away

Section Conference LogoArthur H. Rounds, 88 years old, passed away this past week on September 30, 2015.  During his time serving Seminole Lodge, Art served in various advisory roles including Chapter Adviser to what was Sakima Chapter.  Art was honored several times by the lodge, receiving the Vigil Honor in 1992, the Founder’s Award in 1995, and the Christopher Gardner Memorial Service Award in 2003.  His wife Virginia and family are planning a Celebration of Life around his birthday next March. Details will be posted as the date approaches.

Section Leadership Summit — “Back to Our Roots”

Section Conference LogoThe OA was founded in 1915 by E. Urner Goodman and Carroll Edson on the ideals that summer camp should go beyond teaching the basic scout skills and instead focus on the principles embodied by the scout oath and law.  To do this they created a “camp fraternity” as a way of keeping the older boys coming back year after year.  Several organizations influenced the creation of this program including Native American lore, college fraternities, and especially Freemasonry. Ultimately, a program was devised in which troops chose boys from among their members that best exemplified the ideals of scouting, which led to the Order as we know it now.  100 years later things have changed excessively in many ways and our focus is to go back and look at where we came from so that we can then look forward to the next 100 years of the Order of the Arrow.  To do this, our whole program for the weekend compares the past to what we have now, bringing in the theme to our classes, free time activities, and even shows.  While the outside world changes and advances, we invite you to come for one weekend and reconnect with our history, customs, and ideals that have changed through the years in the ever-advancing clutches of society.  That is “Back to Our Roots” and we hope you will join us on our journey to the past, present, and future.

The Section Leadership Summit is the weekend of November 6 – 8, 2015 at Wallwood Scout Reservation, hosted by Semialachee Lodge.  The fee for the weekend is $35.00 if received by 11:59 pm on October 15, and will go to $45.00 after that.

We are using  council’s vans for transportation to and from the event. We have teamed up with our neighbor lodge, Timiuquan, to make this a reality. We will be meeting at the Council Service Center/ Scout Shop on Friday the 6th and leaving at 130pm. We will be making a stop in Tallahassee on our way back and touring the Capitol Complex and a special meeting is the the works. We will arriving back at the Council Center around 5pm Sunday evening.   It will be $15.00 to ride in the van, this is only to cover the gas costs. We will be stopping for dinner on the way up and lunch on the way down so please bring additional money for two meals. Riding in the vans is optional.

Click on the “Dues / Event Registration” link to the right to register.

Rifle and black powder shooting will be included as part of the available weekend activities.  A permission form is required.  Click here to download the form.